École normale supérieure


The École normale supérieure was first established in 1794, it’s roots being in the French Revolutionary Process of the 18th century, the Ecole was meant to be the core of a new centralized education system which would follow the principles of the revolutionary movement, as well as to act as a bridge to align the beliefs and trust of the new government and the country’s elite.

However it experienced as rocky of a history as it’s founding movement, and with the recurrent changes in government France saw in the upcoming years the institution ended up being relaunched multiple times, with differing opinions and political parties behind it.

After a long and violent process the Ecole finally stabilized itself during the 1970s, becoming a prestigious institution focused mainly on awarding graduate level degrees.

Programs Offered

Through it’s 15 unique departments for training and research, and the option to pursue interdisciplinary programs, the École normale supérieure finds itself with the weird spot of being an incredibly versatile university with a variety of degrees… and yet only two roads for undergraduate students.

Most courses at the institution are aimed at master degrees, or graduate students, and this is the bulk of the effort undertaken by it’s departments, leaving undergraduate students with the option to pursue a Bachelor of Art or Bachelor of Sciences degree.

Students are generally expected to join the École normale supérieure around the 3rd year of their undergraduate studies to pursue a master degree, not enroll directly into it, leaving the university in a somewhat unique position to most other universities in the region.

Admission requirements

As the École normale supérieure focuses on admission of students enrolled in a 3rd year of bachelor studies, those are the main requirements we will be discussing, students must be attending a 3rd year in a Arts or Sciences degree of their choosing, and then apply into the institution, at which point they’ll be judged on virtue of their results the past few semesters, excellence is expected at the institution and in general only students with outstanding results are admitted.

Student Life

The École normale supérieure has a wide selection of artistic and athletic associations available to it’s students for the sake of both recreation and integration, additionally it counts with a variety of events aimed at allowing students to understand and get closer to the culture of Paris.

Part-time work

The École normale supérieure does not directly count with a portal or department for study work, and as an institution focused on accepting students late on their academic process any potential student would need to obtain a job before even applying to the institution.


Following French regulations, the tuition fees of the École normale supérieure are paid by the state, due to it’s status as a public university, students however still have to pay a registration fee at the institution, which amounts to €243 for Master Courses and €210 for their undergraduate degree course.


The École normale supérieure is currently ranked as the 613th best college level institution in the world, making it the overall fifteenth best university in it’s home country of Paris.

University Contact

Address:  45 rue d’Ulm, F-75230 Paris cedex 05

Phone: +33 (0)1 44 32 30 00


The École normale supérieure is quite simply an odd one, the quality of it’s studies is undeniable, and it’s ranking is well earned, but it’s  enrollment process is nothing short of confusing, especially for first-timers at undergraduate education, which is in a sense the main group of students it’s aiming towards.